INA INA’s sound is the result of the cities they’ve lived in. Born in the green valleys of northern Italy, the band moved to electronic capital Berlin, where inspired by the city they focused on minimal drums and electronic voices. INA INA moved to London in 2017, evolving to a braver mix of organic guitars and computer-generated synths, combined with an emphasis on live visuals. The band is influenced by the electronic sounds of artists such as Sampha, James Blake and Stromae, and by Alt-j and The XX’s use of guitars. From music production to video editing, the band does everything in collaboration with their collective BLANCO BLANCO.

The South London based group have just returned after embarking on a tour across their native Italy, where they received a warm welcome playing a number of gigs across the country including in Milan, Rome, Bologna, before returning to play across the UK. In 2019 INA INA released three singles ‘Desert’, ‘IOOD (Music Video) and ‘Cacao’ (Music Video) with plans to release ‘TESTA TEST’ in Feb 2020.
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